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Hut & 2 Swing

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This small Jungle Hut incorporates the standard features into a simple form of childrens wooden climbing frames that doesn’t compromise on fun activity. Providing shelter from sandstorms or monsoons, these childrens wooden climbing frames are capped with a sloping tarpaulin roof. The colourful slide hints at the versatility of this tree house, which is often the starting point for exciting escapades or everyday activity. A sandbox is included on the ground level, and a ladder leads to the upper platform of the tree house, which offers standing room of over 160 cm. Like other Jungle Gym childrens wooden climbing frames, the Jungle Hut can easily be customised with for example the Climb Module X’tra for further playtime adventures

This swing set module is a favourite source of activity for playtime; children adore the movement of swinging, akin to flying. You can mix and match your own swing set accessories from a long list including the Sling Swing, Monkey Bar or Twist Disk. This swing set is designed to boost the appeal of any playhouse, the Swing Module is a carefree way to practice rhythm and co-ordination.

High quality, especially designed for children. We always use materials and finishes that are soft for the hands, provide maximum grip, and apply to the strictest health and safety requirements. With rounded edges and corners, weatherproof and UV-resistant.


Jungle Hut:

Timber pack cut to size
Wavy Star Slide Short
Slide stickers
Tent tarp
Sandpit cover 120×130
Ground Cover
Bumper Pad™ x 2
Jungle Flag™
Handgrips x 4
Bolt Caps
Metal brackets
Ground Anchors plate x 4
Instruction manual
Sandpad & Leveller
Product Identification
Safety Ball
Jungling Cards™

2-Swing X’tra:

Timber pack cut to size
Swing Seat x 2
Swing Rope x 2
RopeLocks™ x 2
Swing Hook x 4
Bolt Caps
Ground Anchors plate x 2
Swing brackets
Instruction manual
Product Identification